Closing Plenary Session & Ceremony

Closing Ceremony and Plenary Session
(Live Online)


April 29, 2022(Fri.) 14:00-16:30 (Beijing Time)
(Chinese-English Simultaneously Translation will be provided)

Plenary Session
Topic: ITS Driving for a Better Life: The Blueprint
Session Description:
The development of intelligent transport systems has greatly benefited our society by underpinning fairer, safer, more efficient and accessible transport services for all. For the Asia-Pacific region, we are dealing with the challenges of infrastructure, huge populations and megapolis during this developing progress. Therefore, how to formulate policies to support future growth, how to regulate the institutional framework for sustainable development and how to coordinate the various stakeholders will be crucial to future success. Meanwhile, we should also consider how the world's cutting-edge intelligent transportation technologies will impact on the future of the Asia-Pacific region, including but not limited to shared mobility, mobility as a service and autonomous driving. The key points may include:
--What policies will we implement?
--What will we deploy?
--What technologies will be supposed to enable ITS to shape a smarter, safer and greener life?
--What trends will direct the industry?

Mr. Wang Qingyu, Deputy director of Chengdu Transportation Bureau
Mr. Yongdong Liu,Executive Secretary-General, China Electricity Council, P.R. China
Mr. Yalin Ran, President, Chengdu Communications Investment Group, P.R. China
Mr. Vladimir Kryuchkov,Research Fellow,Russian University of Transport — RUT (MIIT)
Dr. Yongwei Zhang, Vice President, Secretary-General, China EV100, P.R. China
Mr. Aimin Li, Vice president, Research scientist II, Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport (RIOH), P.R. China

Closing Ceremony Program
  • Address by Chair of ITS Asia-Pacific.
  • Address by Representative from local public sector.
  • Best Papers Awarding.
  • 19th ITS Asia Pacific Forum Promotion Video of Indonesia.
  • Los Angeles World Congress Promotion Video.
  • Suzhou World Congress address and promotion video.