ITS Asia Pacific


Mr. Hajime Amano
ITS Asia-Pacific


On behalf of ITS Asia-Pacific, I would like to invite you all to the 18th ITS Asia-Pacific Forum in Chengdu. ITS Asia-Pacific Forum is a cross disciplinary platform for research and development of Intelligent Transport Systems. As more attention is paid to real world deployment, government officials, industry leaders, transportation service operators and entrepreneurs are actively involved in the forum for effective public investment and business opportunities. 

We have innovative technologies at hand, such as connected and automated vehicles and data centric analyses. Integrated transport services called MaaS, Mobility as a Service, are being deployed. Based on the experiences we accumulated, potential benefits and societal implications of Intelligent Transport Systems are quantitatively evaluated and pervasive deployment is effectively implemented, which significantly contribute to mitigate our challenges and enhance wellness of our lives.

Under stringent travel restrictions to mitigate COVID-19 pandemic, we found objectives of some of the activities could be achieved without getting together at one place. On the other hand, we also found in-person meetings or on-site activities are definitely necessary to create real values, where safe, efficient, and accessible mobility is essential. We have to redefine the roles of ITS with experts in social science and the humanities to help effectively create values.

The more transportation is integrated with societal factors, the more collaboration among diverse stakeholders is needed. At the ITS Asia-Pacific Forum in Chengdu, ever expanding diversity of participants are anticipated to share views and experiences across the academic disciplines, the industrial sectors and the jurisdictions.

I’m looking forward to having you with us in Chengdu.